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      1. Security Equipment

        Security Equipment

        Spectrum Security Products offers the best prices, largest selection and excellent service when it comes to security systems. We distribute security equipment continent-wide to clients such as municipalities, water boards, mining companies as well as the shipping industry. Learn more about the Security Products we stock.

        Two Way Radios

        Two Way Radio Communication

        Spectrum Security Products are the specialist suppliers of Two-way Radio Equipment in South Africa. Whether you need a simple system to keep in contact or need a complex multi-site communications network, Spectrum Security Products can provide you with expert advice and solutions. Learn more about the Radio Equipment we stock.

        Telemetry System

        Telemetry Systems

        We develop and manufacture a wide range of high performance and durable telemetry products. The tele-RANGER Telemetry System provides reliable monitoring and control between remote sites and works in sync with tele-FLEX, the advanced distributed multi-protocol solution. Learn more about our Telemetry Systems.


        Supplier & Distributor of:

        Best Prices | Largest Selection | Finest Technology | Communications Leaders

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